About Us

How CRASH Works

CRASH has four ways we can minister to our clients:

In-Stay at National Restoration Center

The client meets with a CRASH intake counselor, where a two-year restoration plan is designed and agreed upon and signed as a contract between CRASH, the client, and in some cases, the church sponsoring the client’s restoration.

The client stays at our National Restoration Center for a minimum of two weeks and up to three months, determined by the restoration plan, where daily counseling, group accountability meetings, personal meditation, exercise, and evening Fireside meetings are coupled with directed, personal Bible study and journaling.

CRASH assigns the client to a CRASH Surrogate Church, where the client can leave the facility to attend worship. The Surrogate Church will have accountability partners assigned to the client to help the client navigate their re-entry into the church environment and to aid in the restoration plan.

An integral part of the restoration plan includes monthly accountability meetings with CRASH counselors (in-person or by phone and electronic media) for the duration of their two-year program after the client successfully completes their stay. If the client is to return to their home city after their stay, CRASH will assign them to a CRASH Surrogate Church in their area to attend during the balance of their plan.

During the client’s program, if he was a leader in the church he failed in, CRASH asks that church to be part of the restoration process as follows:

Finally, CRASH will work with the client to establish life-long accountability partners and to search God’s will for how the client can re-enter ministry.

Interim Stay at Regional Restoration Center

Where a client is neither a paid nor lay church leader, or is a non-paid church employee and must work and or cannot leave their family for an extended stay, we offer weekend and/or emergency stays at a Regional Center, along with scheduled counseling sessions and otherwise following the two-year restoration program as described above.

The same resources of a Surrogate Church and the Transition Team, where appropriate, will be enlisted.

Near Failure Restoration – Local CRASH Center

For clients who have identified behavior that could lead to a public or family failure, and where the final manifestation of that sin has not emerged (loss of faith, burn-out, occasional pornography usage, overwhelming temptation, unresolved anger/bitterness, etc), and their local church (if they know of the crisis) feels it necessary, they may attend CRASH counseling sessions on an as-available basis, meet with accountability groups and attend Firesides while continuing to carry on their normal lives. They will be provided with an amended two-year restoration plan and will be responsible to let their elders know they are participating in the program.

If the client or CRASH intake counselors feel that it is necessary to successfully complete the restoration plan, the client will be assigned to a local CRASH Surrogate Church to attend under the guidelines as listed above.

Family counseling, where necessary, will be provided throughout the program.

Home Church Men’s Accountability Program: Fireside Mission

CRASH believes that the best place for men to find help overcoming the everyday sin issues all believers face is in their own church among other men seeking to live holy lives.

Where a church does not have an effective men’s accountability program or as an adjunct program, CRASH offers training and support for men’s fireside groups.

A fireside is a voluntary group of six to twelve men who agree to meet weekly around a firepit to discuss what God is showing them and what they are doing about it. It is a loose, informal meeting where no one has to share unless they feel comfortable doing so, and where the number one rule assures full disclosure: What is said at the fire, stays at the fire. Nothing discussed at a fire is repeated to anyone else, including wives, friends, neighbors, or other men in the church NOT in that fireside.

Firesides allow men to open up to one another, hold each other accountable, find helpful counsel and prayer, and spiritual sharpening.

CRASH will visit with interested churches to provide training, training materials, and will help initiate and lead firesides until the church feels comfortable taking over the lead. CRASH does not push or promote a specific doctrine other than loving and serving Jesus Christ.


CRASH welcomes men in church leadership who are looking for sabbatical opportunities. We offer two-week to three month sabbatical stays at no cost in exchange for minimal involvement in program firesides and spontaneous, one-on-one counseling with clients.