CRASH Ministries specifically counsels men in leadership roles. However, where and when necessary, due to the fallout of a man’s sin, we offer family counseling along with the program designed for the client.

If you fall under our client guidelines and feel that you have no one to talk with, or your church does not offer counseling services that meet your need, please feel free to contact us and we would be glad to either begin a counseling program with you or with you and your family, or find a CRASH affiliate near you to point you towards.

We practice counseling that focuses one’s life on an intimate relationship with Jesus. Without that, no one can successfully navigate the pitfalls life offers every person on earth. Our counseling team is deep in leadership experience, having planted churches, pastored churches, sat on church councils, and have, like all Christians, dealt with their own frailties, spiritually and physically. We are accountable to one another and to others outside of CRASH and practice the same disciplines we teach our clients. See “About Us” for backgrounds on our staff and associates.

God has ordained this ministry to shore up the Body of Christ. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a need.

All communication with CRASH is held in the utmost of confidentiality where the law of the U.S. Government and State permit.

Click here if you would like to contact us. God bless you and keep you until that Day!