Fireside Missions

CRASH Ministries believes that the strongest growth potential for spiritual matters in men are small men’s groups. We realize that many churches offer some form of small group setting, usually open to both men and women, and some do offer exclusive men’s small groups.

Our experience has taught us that the casual, yet accountability-focused setting of men meeting around a firepit to be the most advantageous of men’s small group programs. We call these “Fireside” meetings.

A fireside takes place once a week, usually in someone’s backyard. The host is considered the moderator of the fireside as 6-10 men sit in a circle around a lit firepit and discuss only two things: What is God showing them over the last week, and what are they doing about it.

The irrevocable rule of all firesides is, “What is said at the fire stays at the fire.” All participants agree to keep confidential any conversation about anyone’s life within the group. Wives are not shared with. Family members, neighbors, co-workers…no one will be told about anything said by any fireside member without permission.

This confidentiality helps open up conversation about where men are in life. It also holds members of a fireside accountable to one another in prayer, support, rebuke, and encouragement.

CRASH offers assistance in setting up a fireside program to any church interested. We have a book on what firesides are and how to moderate one. We have CRASH team members who will help initiate your first fireside and co-moderate it for a time until the local fireside host is comfortable doing it on their own. And we will sponsor local, regional, and national fireside events that will bring men from all walks of life together to strengthen one another in the Lord.

Finally, CRASH is only interested in getting a fireside program started at your local church with the intent to turn it all over to the local body. We do nothing beyond encouraging men to seek and follow Jesus Christ, period.

If you would be interested in learning more about Fireside Missions or would like CRASH Ministries to aid you in starting a fireside program, click here.